Personalize your Kindle Fire safely and easily

This app allows you to make your device your own by letting you choose your own wallpaper image.
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About This App

Normally, the lockscreen wallpaper cannot be changed on a Kindle Fire without root access and changing system file permissions. This is a dangerous method that could damage, or even "brick" your device. And even if that succeeds, you will loose the ability to access certain services like Amazon Instant Video. Obviously this is not a solution for the average user.

The next best method requires a rotating wallpapers app originally created for other android devices to change their wallpaper images at a set time interval. While it doesn't need root access, the app takes a minimum of 60 seconds to change the wallpaper.

This app does not require root access, and changes the wallpaper within seconds. It is the perfect solution for the Kindle Fire's wallpaper problems.

It's your Kindle Fire. Shouldn't you at least be able to set its wallpaper?